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  • Amateur Radio Operating Course Announcement

     Want to try something new in amateur radio?  An Amateur Radio Operating Course will be taught starting April 19 at the National Electronics Museum and will run for ten consecutive Thursdays from 6:30 to 9:30 pm.

    Based roughly on the ARRL Operating Manual, a group of experienced speakers will present a wide range of Amateur Radio activities.  The course is free.  If you are interested,


     The exact schedules is being finalized, but the speakers and subjects will be:

     All About Operating                                                            Rol Anders, K3RA                                                     

    Amateur Organizations-local, national international    Rol Anders, K3RA

     FM, Repeaters, & VHF/UHF Digital Voice/Data             Mike Birdseye, K4DUM

     VHF/UHF Weak Signal Work                                             Brian Skutt, N3IQ

     Remote Station control over internet                             Ike Lawton, W3IKE

     DXing                                                                                      Bernie McClenny, W3UR

     QSLing                                                                                    Nick Yokonovich,K3NY

     Contesting                                                                             Dan Zeitlin, K2YWE

     Awards                                                                                   Rol, K3RA

     HF Digital and Image Communications                           Mike Birdseye, K4DUM

     Amateur Satellites                                                               Glenn Long, KC4KMY & Tom Jerardi K3CXW

     Disaster, Public Service, EMCOMM, and                         Dave Prestel, W8AJR &

    Traffic Handling                                                                    Rich Firestone, WR3F

    Radio Propagation                                                               Frank Donovan, W3LPL


    Amateur Radio License Examinations Information

    The BARC VE Team Leader maintains a web site with lots of good information, including exam performance statistics for the last several years.  See it at VE Team website

    All examinations are conducted in accordance with the FCC rules. 
    Walkins are accepted if space permits.  NO ONE Admitted after testing begins.

    Sponsor: BARC, Baltimore Amateur Radio Club AERO Radio Club ARCNEM, Amateur Radio Club of the National Electronics Museum
    VEC: The BARC testing is affiliated with the LARC VEC

    The AERO testing is affiliated with the ARRL VEC

    The ARCNEM testing is affiliated with the ARCNEM VEC

    Testing occurs each month of the year See schedule

    Essex Branch Baltimore County Public Library
    1110 Eastern Blvd.
    Essex Md. 21221 

    National Electronics Museum
    1745 West Nursery Rd, next to the Marriott Hotel in Linthicum, MD

    Google Maps



    $15.00  per session


    Time: Registration opening time is 1:30 PM, exams begin at 2 PM.


    Usually the Tuesday after training class ends, at 6 PM
    To preregister: 410-227-4703 Pat Stone 410-687-7209 Jim Nowotarski

    Pre-registration is not required, but is appreciated.
    Be sure to bring:

    • your 2 proofs of identification to the test.  
    • Any certificates of successful completion you may have
    • Your original copy of current ham license if you have one

    Bringing photocopies of ID, any CSCE's you may have and any existing ham radio licenses will speed the process. 

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